Vehicle Defense with John Farnam

DTI LogobkWhere: Londonderry Fish & Game
When: October 26 & 27, 2019

The name John Farnam needs no introductions in the world of firearms training. John is truly one of the best firearms trainers in the world. The DTI Vehicle Defense Course is designed to prepare the responsible adult gun owner to handle defensive situations in and around vehicles.

Lecture & Training outline:

  • Principles of shooting from inside vehicles
  • Principles of shooting at threats inside vehicles (moving and stationary)
        Shooting at cars: metal, glass, tires, motor, gas tank
  • Using cars as cover
  • Car penetration by various bullets and types of firearms; metal, glass, tires, motor, gas tank
  • Using the car itself as a missile against criminal pedestrians and other cars
  • Protecting passengers
  • Hardening vehicles, formal and improvised
  • john for blog11 1Defeating vehicular pursuits; slow and fast
  • Defeating attack by armed pedestrians
  • Ramming (also mentioned above)
  • Defeating stationary attack

In our Vehicle Defense Course, we use an “expendable” vehicle that is usually not even running. Live fire exercises do NOT involve moving vehicles. You will not be asked to use your personal vehicle for any portion of the training..

View Video, Notes and Pics from the class.

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