SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Carbine

carbineThe goal of the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division's “F.A.S.T Carbine” course is to provide the student with a solid foundation in basic knowledge of Carbine "Fundamentals and Safety Training" on your specific Carbine, a basic understanding of ammunition and how it functions as well as shooting fundamentals.

A person new to the use of a firearm for personal defense typically has a broad range of questions and is faced with learning a number of skills that are critical in the safe use of a firearm – in this case a Carbine. F.A.S.T Carbine is specifically designed to provide a person new to Carbines the opportunity to gain that knowledge and learn the basics of operation, cleaning and maintenance, safety and much more in a convenient 4 hour course. “F.A.S.T Carbine” is also meant as an introductory course for students new to carbines prior to taking SAFTD Defensive Carbine 1.

A number of topics will be covered in “F.A.S.T Carbine”. These include but are not limited to:

  •  fast2Safe handling of your firearm.
  •  Gun Safety Rules
  •  Safe Storage of your firearm and ammunition.
  •  Basic components of a your Carbine
  •  Operation of your Carbine
  •  Shooting Fundamentals
  •  Clearing Common Carbine Stoppages
  •  Selecting a Carbine and Ammunition
  •  Cleaning and Maintain your Carbine

Required Equipment

  •  A modern, serviceable, Carbine
  •  Ear and Eye protection (electronic muffs preferred).
  •  50 Rounds of Ammunition: Factory fresh ammo only. NO RELOADS or specialty ammo.
  •  Comfortable clothing
  •  Hydration system or Bottled water.
  •  Shoes – comfortable with sufficient support to permit a full range of motion. No sandals or flip-flops.
  •  Long Pants, Shirt With Higher Collar
  •  Baseball Cap


June 17, 2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

COST $150

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