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6 Ways to Prevent a Home Invasion and Keep Your Family Safe

Crime is everywhere and you won’t know where it will strike next. It could happen in your own home and you won’t even know what’s coming. That’s why keeping your home secured is important for you and your family’s security.

There are a lot of things to consider for your home’s security. As much as we would like the world to have only nice people, there are others out there that do commit crimes and it’s better that you prepare yourself and your home should they ever target your home.

Have Guns for the Worst Possible Scenario

Should the home invasion happen when you and your family are at home, then you are left vulnerable and at the mercy of the home invaders. That’s why you should consider owning a gun if you want to keep your family safe.

If you don’t know anything about guns there are various companies like Defensive Strategies that will teach you the basics of firearms safety and security and along with everything else related to guns.

Your Exterior Should Not Appear Inviting to Burglars

This is the time when you should look from the outside of your house and think for yourself if you were a burglar if this home is a perfect place to rob. Look for any place that might have easy access points like low windows and unlocked doors. Take a look if your valuables are clearly seen from the outside as this will entice robbers to invade your home.

Keep your shrubs and bushes trimmed. You don’t want burglars to have a suitable hiding spot near your home. An open space with nowhere to hide might deter burglars from trying to invade your home.

Also, keep the exterior well lit so that everything is visible. Home intruders are less likely to invade your home if there is enough outdoor lighting and/or cameras.

Make Use of Safety Features Inside Your House

Always make a reminder to lock your doors and windows every night. Just because there’s no crime happening in your community that you can get complacent in security. You can install smart door locks that will increase the security in your home.

If the event that home invaders do get inside your home, you should have security features that will protect your valuables. Consider having a large safe or lockbox that would be really hard to move. If you have a light safe, consider getting it wall-mounted or bolted to the floor.

You should also hide the passcode in a separate safe location and only shared with trusted family members. 

Invest in Security Technology

Consider buying security cameras and video surveillance equipment that will help you monitor and record anything that’s happening around your home. Most burglars often avoid homes with visible and hard to reach cameras.

A video doorbell camera also allows you to check on who is at your front door. The last thing you want is opening your door without knowing that there’s a home invader on the other side.

You can also install motion detectors and motion door sensors that will alert you if someone enters or leaves your home. Motion sensors also detect body heat so they are highly accurate.

Befriend the Neighborhood

At the end of the day, neighbors are the only ones you can stick together and help each other out. It’s good to have neighbors who you can trust to keep each other’s back. If your neighbor sees unusual activity at your home then they are bound to notify you or the authorities.

Consult with Security Firms

If you are unsure of what your home needs improvement on for it to be safe and secure, you can do a home security audit to prepare your home from a home invasion.

Defensive Strategies provide a home security audit and will give you a detailed report along with a checklist of action items that we recommend you implement to improve the security and safety of your home.


These are the 6 ways that you can prevent a home invasion and keep your family safe. Crimes can happen anywhere and that’s why you should have the best safety and security you can provide your family and home so you can sleep well at night.

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