SAFTEA S.A.F.E Situational Alertness for Everyone

awareness The Situational Alertness for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) course is designed to teach the student to develop and adopt the situational awareness mindset while at home, at work, on the road, traveling, on the phone etc; and teaches how to make your home safe and less attractive to would be robbers and home invasion.   

This course is packed with home safety tips do's and don'ts, such as how to build a safe room or multiple safe rooms in your house, building layers of security and how to survive a violent encounter in your home. We'll also cover outside lighting, landscaping, the 6 second garage door entry, bump keys and more.  

The SAFE Course will also cover the levels of awareness as developed by Jeff Cooper and will teach you the mindset of living in a relaxed but aware state of condition yellow and discuss when your alertness level should change based on your current situation.

safe5Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  •     The Criminal Mindset
  •     How criminals select their victims
  •     Creating a Safe Room & Home Security Plan
  •     Situational Awareness and Avoidance
  •     Internet and Cyber Safety
  •     Home & Phone Security
  •     Carjack Avoidance Techniques
  •     Automobile & Travel Security
  •     Personal Boundaries
  •     Personal & Cyber Security
  •     Personal Defense Devices (Tasers, Stun Guns, Batons, Pepper Spray)

    Personal Safety Tools (Alarms, Whistles, Cell Phones etc)

  •     What to do in case of a Home Invasions and/or Burglary
  •     Interacting with the Police
  •     How to stop Sliders in their tracks
  •     Bump Keys and Prevention
  •     Security Window Film
  •     The 6 second garage door break-in and how to prevent it.
  •     Malls & Parking Garages safety concerns
  •     Layers of Defense and making your home a hard target.
  •     Mental Preparedness & Controlling Fear
  •     Lighting, Alarms, Dead Bolts, Windows and more
  •     Rape Statistics and Prevention
  •     Banking & ATM Scams
  •     Cyber-fraud & Electronic Theft
  •     Cyber-stalking & Cyber-bullying
  •     Identity Theft
  •     Workplace Security

The S.A.F.E. Course provides the knowledge to enable course participates to stay safe, avoid conflicts, mentally prepare and create a personal safety plan for you and your family no matter where you are and to control the encounter should you happened to find yourself in a violent situation.

Other modules that maybe included in the seminar dependent on course participates are:

  • SAFTD OC Pepper Spray Class (See This Page)
  • SAFTD SAFE Situational Alertness for Everyone  ~  May 8, 2019 6PM-10PM $50
  • SAFTD SAFE Response to Active Threat    ~  May 15, 2019 6PM-10PM $50
  • SAFTD SAFE Workplace Safety    ~   May 22, 2019 6PM-10PM $50
  • SAFTD SAFE Home and Vehicle Safety    ~   May 29, 2019 6PM-10PM $50


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