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Workplace & Employee Security


This course provides strategies to organizations and employees on how to improve security and safety in the workplace. No workplace—be it an office building, construction site, factory floor, or retail store—is immune from security threats.

Some threats are intentional acts, such as sabotage and violence. Others are caused by natural disasters or man-made accidents. No matter the threat, all employees have a responsibility to help their company protect its employees, information, data, and facilities.

Employees are often the target of these threats as well as the organization's first line of defense against them. Threats can endanger the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your workplace, employees, owners and management as well as your virtual workplace and computer systems.

Our course is custom designed specifally with your business in mind, presents information on how employees can help to insure their personal security and your organization's security. From the mailroom to the boardroom, security is a shared responsibility. Simply put, security begins with you!

Security events that happen in the workplace will be dependent upon dynamic circumstances and many are prevenatble or mitgated quickly if you and your employees learn and understand how to: 

  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities that affect workplace security.
  • Avoiding Complacency.
  • Observe with all your senses.
  • Being aware of unusual changes in your surroundings.
  • Notice unusual or suspicious behavior.
  • Know whom to call if something is not right.
  • Assess potential Risk.

awarenessSome Topics that maybe discussed:

  • Components of Risk
  • Workplace Security
  • Understand the Threats
  • Access and Security Control Threats
  • Access Control Procedures
  • Typical access control procedures include:
    • ID Badges
    • Access Controls
    • Visitors
  • Criminal and Terrorist Threats
  • Suspicious Behaviors
  • Unusual Events or Suspicious Items
  • Unattended or Suspicious Vehicles
  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Suspicious Mail and/or Package
  • Theft and Diversion
  • Workplace Violence
  • Indicators of Potential Violence
  • Information and Cyber Threats
  • Protecting Information
  • Information Security
  • Telephone Interactions
  • Email/Web Interactions
  • Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

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