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home1Are you thinking of becoming an NRA or SAF Training Division Instructor, or just want to take a personal training regimen. Not sure what classes or courses to sign up for? Well, you're in the right place, Defensive Strategies, LLC understands that we offer a boat load of different choices. All these classes, choices and prerequisites can certainly get to be confusing. But we're here to help, contact us to today to setup and personal consultation with our National Master Instructor Bob Boilard, for an hour or even two. The cost of this consultation is $75 per hour*.

carbineIn your personal consultation we will go over your goals and how you want to use this training or make it work for you. Are you looking to train for personal protection or home defense, are you thinking about starting a business training other people in firearms and personal protection. Do you want to spread it out over a couple of years or take as many classes as you can as soon as you can? Are you interested in handgun, shotgun, carbine or long range precision rifle - so many choices. We will discuss your budget and payment options and what courses we should add to your portfolio, all with your personal or professional goals in mind.

After the consultation, our National Master Instructor will create a portfolio for you based on your budget, goals and your needs. We will also create an account for you in our system with the suggested class schedule and give you 10% off on every class you wish to take within your portfolio. You'll be able to pay as you go, make payments when you can using PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover.

We've made it so easy for you - what are you waiting for; Contact Us Today!


* Consulting time does not include travel time outside the local area. Time starts from the time we leave the office.

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