Skill Builder - FBI Handgun Qualification

fbi2Get your gear together and get to the range and shoot the FBI Qualification. The shot timer is coming out to add to your stress - can you beat it, can you pass that qualification?

This is a 50 Round Qualification done from concealment.
   FBI Agents must pass at 80% hit rate (40 Hits min).
   Instructors must pass at 90% hit rate or better (45 Hits min).
Target:  Standard FBI-QIT-99 Target.

In order to sign up you must be at a skill level where you are profiecient working from a concealed holster. For your safety and the safety of our other students, Defensive Strategies, LLC reserves the right to expel anyone who is not up to par with this level of training. Please bring a semi-auto handgun with strong side hip holster in either IWB or OWB, 200 rounds of factory ammunition, at least 3 magazines with carrier, cover garment, eye & ear protection and baseball cap. This course qualifies for SAF Training & Education Association Instructor annual qualification.

We will run through this qual 2-3 times in the alloted 1 hour time slot. Highest score will be used.
At the end of the day, the top 8 shooters will run through the qual again to see who the top gun will be.

Please Note: we suggest shooting this qual with a semi-auto handgun, however, it is your choice if you want to brave this using a revolver.


June 18, 2022 9:00AM - 4:00PM - $45.00
5 sessions, 8 shooters per session for a total of 40 shooters.
Last session is reserved for the 8 best scoring shooters

Londonderry Fish & Game Club
5 Lund Street
Litchfield, NH 03052
50 Yard Training Range

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