Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop

activeGiven today’s ever-changing threat environment, preparing for and training employees to cope with workplace violence should be a key piece of an organization’s incident response planning. The object of this 6 hour course is to educate and foster the proper response and procedures to active shooter events.   

  • Educating participants on the history of active shooter events;
  • Describing common behavior, conditions, and situations associated with active shooters; and
  • Fostering communication between infrastructure owners and operators and local emergency response teams—this includes discussion of interoperability, communications protocols, and best practices for planning, preparedness, and response Building Emergency Planning Capabilities

The course will describe how to incorporate key elements of successful incident management into planning efforts, such as:

  • Communicating with and accounting for employees;
  • Building familiarity with local responders and knowing their capabilities;
  • Coordinating with first responders before, during, and after an incident; and
  • Integrating public affairs into incident management

Who Should Participate?

  • Corporate Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Company Personnel
  • Security Professionals from the Private & Public Sectors
  • Supervisory First Responders
  • Personnel involved with Emergency Planning

What you will learn:

  • Historical Perspective of Active Shooters
  • Behavioral Considerations
  • Operational Differences
  • Law Enforcement: Response, Expectations, and Goals
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Plan Development
  • Much More

Course length: 6-8 Hours


If your company or organization is interested in active shooter training please contact us at 603-566-1727

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