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congregationChurch Safety otherwise known as Sheepdog Training is intended to help Safety Directors of small to medium size churches with training their volunteer teams. This guide was developed by painstakingly researching nationally recognized publications and by consulting with experts in church safety, church security systems, crime prevention, emergency medical response, fire safety, pastoral protection, security, and a number of other fields of study. It contains modules on everything from Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection to Active Shooter Response and Lock-downs.

Whether you need training for your church services, congregation or an entire campus, Defensive Strategies can help you fill the requirements and comply with the teachings of Christ, local law and church policy. Contact us today!

Security Assessment​

    ​Lay the groundwork for your safety preparedness plan by conducting a Church Security Assessment. This service will help you assess the current security of your church, identify vulnerabilities and create an airtight safety plan. We'll get started by assess; External grounds, Building Perimeter, Alarm Systems, Internal Building, Key Management, Property Inventory, Youth and Financial Security, Safety Ministry, Emergency Drills and much more! The Church Security Assessment is a crucial program that will help build a framework for every other area of your safety preparedness and emergency planning.

Safety Ministry Launch

    It all starts here. Having a clear plan of action and gaining support is the first step in creating a strong safety team within your church. This service will teach you about the life-saving value of a Safety Ministry. You will be shown crime statistics, the basics of a Safety Ministry, essential emergency drills and available training resources. Begin developing a plan and organizing volunteers into a ministry dedicated to mitigating risks to persons, property and assets today.

Church Safety Team Academy

    ​​The success of any Safety Ministry begins with the right people. This comprehensive service will give you the tools to start your Safety Team off right, from Team Selection to training. You will receive training information on; Ethics/Conduct, Patrol Procedures, Situational Awareness, Radio Procedures, Reporting and Forms, Duties and Responsibilities, Suspicious Behaviors and Calling 911.

fire safetyFire Safety and Evacuations

    ​​Either as an act of vandalism or an accidental occurrence, fire and arson can pose a serious threat to church property and people. Prevent property damage – or worse – by teaching your church how to reduce fire risks and preparing them for emergency procedures. This service covers topics such as; Fire Science, Safety Inspections, Use of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Response, Evacuations and Drills and One & Two Person Carries.

Disruptive Persons/Verbal Deescalation

    ​​​​​A potentially violent person in your congregation becomes verbally disruptive. Do you know how to bring the situation to a peaceful ending? This important program will train your Safety Ministry to prevent violent outbreaks using proven Deescalation communication techniques. Learn to identify potentially disruptive persons, conduct Threat Assessments, properly communicate and deescalate without physical intervention and deal with protesters in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Use of Force and Citizen's Arrest Laws

    The laws surrounding the use of force in a difficult situation can feel muddy and uncertain to many people. Give your Safety Ministry the power of confidence and knowledge behind their actions by teaching them the legal implications and limitations of using force. This class covers; When Can a Citizen/Safety Member Use Force, Deciding to Use Force, What is “Reasonable” Force, Use of Deadly Force and Use of Non-Deadly Force. Knowing the legal authority of your Church Safety Team is crucial to the lawful protection of your church and congregation.

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection

    Children are the most vulnerable and precious of our flock, and they look to us for protection. Learn how to; identify possible instances of child abuse, report evidence and allegations to the proper authorities and spread awareness to prevent abuse within your church. Since the best protection is prevention, this module emphasizes training on screening procedures for staff and volunteers who work with children, supervising children and childcare workers and response to allegations. This could mean all the difference in a child's life. Establish a standard of protection within your congregation for the little ones who need it most.

activeshooterActive Shooter Response and Lock-downs for Churches

    ​​These modern times are rife with uncertainty and those who wish to destroy our way of life. When a dangerous intruder threatens, how do you protect the lives of those under your churches roof? Learn how to prepare your church for the worst. In this module, you will be shown advanced lock-down and response procedures which can be practiced and implemented in the case of a violent intruder. Learn the necessary skills during a lock-down, evacuation drills and Containment & Engagement Team response and working in conjunction local law enforcement response.

Severe Weather Preparedness

    ​​The weather is an ever-changing and sometimes unpredictable force that should never be underestimated. When severe weather systems threaten the well being of your church and congregation, be prepared to take action. Use this training to learn about the risks associated with many different types of dangerous weather systems, safety drills, preparing for the worst and basic safety plans. When nature’s wrath bears down, there’s no preventing or stopping it – but you can be prepared for it.

CPR TrainingEmergency Medical Response

   ​​CPR, AED and First Aid Certification - The member of the Safety Ministry should be prepared for all risk including medical emergencies, since they are essentially the first responders of the church. Anything can happen in the Church before, during or after the service from heart attacks, broken legs, fainting, respiratory conditions to epileptic seizures and more; it's important that members of the Containment & Engagement Teams or others have this training.

Control Techniques and Self Defense

   ​​Self-Defense: Holds, Locks, Open-hand techniques and Take downs. The world is changing before our eyes. There are many new threats and dangers that validate the need for churches and schools to also have other skills. You will learn to conquer fears, through the faith in the skills you acquire in this training. You will become a more capable person and provide a more worry free life for your church and parishioners. You will benefit from a keen awareness of the world around you while you improve your overall physical fitness and mental sharpness.

Firearms Training and Qualifications

    Basic Marksmanship to Advanced Training, Concealed Carry Training and Qualifications - Depending on the level of security needed and/or desired by the church, members of the engagement team may be trained in the use of firearms, use of force and working as a team. Firearms are the ultimate force multiplier and needs special training and a commitment from each member of the engagement team. Personal interviews and evaluations will be conducted to find the right individuals mentally and physically suited who meet the special requirements of this inner team that acts as the last security layer.

The need for Churches to have safety teams in place is greater than it has ever been, if you would like to discuss setting up Church Safety Teams for your church, contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 603-566-1727. (Note: Depending on your needs Purchase of the Church Security Training System from Sheepdog Church Security maybe required).

Here's a small sampling of the organizations we have helped along the way.

  • Manchester Housing & Redevelopment Authority
  • Baker Newman Noyes
  • U.S. Department of Labor
  • Job Corps - Grafton Ma
  • Job Corps - Manchester NH
  • Adams & Associates Inc.
  • Red Oaks Apartments
  • University of New Hampshire
  • Dartmouth College
  • Grace River Church
  • Grouse Point Home Owners Association
  • Terex Environmental Equipment
  • Ampheno Printed Circuits
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • New England Shores Baptist Church
  • Rock Church Ministries
  • Heritage Baptist Church
  • Shiloh Community Church, Manchester
  • New England Bible Church
  • BridgeWay Chrisitan Church
  • Temple Beth Abraham
  • Grace Church
  • Independence Institute (Help on Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court)

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