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NRA Hunter Clinic - Whitetail

You may not be able to hunt year-round, but the NRA’s Hunter Clinic Program can keep you involved with hunting throughout the year!

Learn how to Prepare For and Successfully Hunt America’s Most Popular game - the Whitetail Deer. This course discusses whitetail biology, mating and behavior, equipment, marksmanship, scouting & tracking, hunt preparation, stand and still hunting, tactics for the rut, recovering deer, safety and hunter ethics and other topics.

The Hunter Clinic Program (HCP) was created by NRA’s Hunter Services Department to allow experienced hunters to use their teaching abilities to bring hunting knowledge to others in their community. Your Hunter Clinic Instructor will share their knowledge and skills about hunting to help you increase your skills, awareness and safety.

PLEASE NOTE: The NRA Hunter Clinic Program is designed to be in-depth, informative and educational and to present practical advanced hunting skills to all hunters. These clinics are not to be confused with, or substituted for the required hunter safety or hunter education courses offered or approved by the NH Fish & Game Department.

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