Basics of Handgun, Rifle & Shotgun (3 Gun)

3gunThe goal of the Second Amendment Firearms Training & Education Association's 3 Gun course is to provide the student with a solid foundation in basic knowledge of handguns, rifles & shotguns, a basic understanding of ammunition and how it functions as well as the shooting fundamentals for handguns and pistols, rifles and shotguns. This course is also great introduction to the shooting sports for those just beginning or thinking about purchasing a firearm and are not sure what to buy.

NOW INCLUDES 1.5 hours of New Hampshire & Federal Law and Use of Force.

A person new to the use of firearms for personal defense typically has a broad range of questions and is faced with learning a number of skills that are critical in the safe use of a firearm for personal protection and home defense. This course will answer all those questions you may have while giving you and solid understanding in the fundamentals of shooting. 

Use of our firearms and ammo are included in the class price.
Safe, comfortable and air conditioned classroom.
Master Instructor always present.

A number of topics will be covered and discussed in this course. These include but are not limited to:

  • Safe handling of Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns.
  • Basic of Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns
  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Safe Storage of your firearms and ammunition.
  • Basic components of Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns
  • Operation of Semiautomatics & Revolvers, Rifles & Shotguns
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Tactical Shotguns vs Hunting Shotguns
  • Clearing Common Stoppages
  • Selecting a the right gun for home defense.
  • Home defense fundamentals including the use of safe rooms
  • saftea23Cleaning and Maintaining your firearms.
  • 1.5 hours of NH Law and Use of Force
  • Master Instructor present (Ask us anything).

In this course you will shoot a revolver, semiautomatic handgun, an AR-15 carbine, a tactical shotgun with various loads (00-Buck & Slugs).


July 1, 2023 ~ 8-5PM - $150


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Designed for DTI Defensive Handgun course alumni, this course emphasizes control of the tactical situation. Special circumstances and extensive movement drills are used to challenge the student.

Our Advanced Defensive Handgun Course is intended for graduates of our Basic/Intermediate Defensive Handgun course. Because basics are only covered by a review, beginning students will find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being expected to know things that they do not. To avoid this situation, which is unpleasant for everyone, students which have graduated from other Basic Handgun Programs are encouraged to contact DTI directly to determine if all the prerequisities for this course have been covered. 500 rounds

Subject covered in the Advanced Handgun class include:

  • Review of correct gun-handling, etiquette and range safety
  • Review of legal and moral aspects of defensive shooting
  • Review of handgun ammunition types and capabilities
  • Basic/revue range exercises, administrative and tactical
  • Interview/confrontational stance
  • Draw/presentation
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Trigger manipulation
  • Speed reload
  • Military reload
  • Stoppage reduction
  • Covering suspects at gunpoint
  • Verbal challenge/judo
  • Reholstering
  • Unfamiliar handguns/systems
  • Options for carrying concealed handguns
  • Close range shooting, shooting from the ground
  • Cover and movement, retreat techniques
  • Team Tactics exercises
  • Moving with a gun in hand
  • Back-up guns
  • Advanced low-light drills, with flashlight, cover, and movement

September 9 & 10, 2023
Cost: $785.00

Register on the DTI site here!

3 Gun Dog Fight! The Range Session for Operators!

youtubeheaderEveryone's an Operator until it's time to do Operator stuff! We all know it, we all seen and heard them. Well, here's your chance to prove your Operator status!

You've got the guns, you've got the ammo and all the fancy accessories, now let's see if you've got the brawn and the skill set to use it. The Dog Fight!, is a full day range session to test your skills and see if you reign victor at the end of the day. Sign up now since we only take 12 people per session.


The session will start with simple drills to eliminate the newbies and facebook warriors, each drill will become increasingly more difficult and complex as the day goes on with multiple threats, positions, mag changes, platform transitions and much more. Try to keep up so you don't get eliminated as there are various reasons that you might (just keep reading......

You will encounter active threats, hostage situations, shoot & no-shoot targets, timed drills, you will also encounter mag changes, gun stoppages, platform transitions, medical situations and need to make quick decisions in dynamic situations. The question is will you still be standing at the end of the day. This is the time to test your gear, yourself, your skills and decision making in simulated real encounters. You will shoot on the move, behind barricades, standing, kneeling, prone etc. If this all sounds too difficult for you, it probably is, only one way to find out; you can participate or you can continue to be a gun owning couch potato. The decision is yours!

Safety violations (Immediate Dismissal)

  • Unsafe holsters or holstering.
  • Failure to use Safety on slung rifle
  • Flagging anyone including themselves
  • Poor trigger finger discipline i.e. Running with finger on the trigger
  • Poor muzzle discipline
  • Gear or safeties that do not work. ~ All gear will be checked at the beginning of the session.
  • SA/DA Handgun with no decocker.
  • Failing to decock firearm or apply safety before holstering.
  • Rounds going over the berm.

Non-Inclusive list of Deduction Factors:

  • Too many unaccounted rounds. (5) Deduction of 2 kills
  • Hitting No-threat targets or a hostage. Deduction of 1 kill
  • Failure to Follow directions. - Deduction at Range Officer Discretion
  • Missing or Skipping part of the drill. Deduction of 1 kill
  • Not eliminating all threats on the battlefield. Deduction of 2 kills
  • Others at Range Officer Discretion

Gear Needed:

  • Any Rifle, AK, AR, PC Carbine or AR/AK Pistol with sling. (Slings are not optional).
  • Iron sights, Red Dot or magnified scopes acceptable.
  • 2 magazines with mag carrier or chest rig for Rifle magazines.
  • Semi-auto handgun with strong side or appendix holster.  MOS sights OK - no other carry mode acceptable.
      ~ Note: Appendix carry is not the preferred carry method for slung rifles.
  • Any tactical semi-auto or pump action shotgun in 20, 16 or 12 gauge. We will also have one you can use if you do not have a shotgun.
  • 3 magazines & mag carrier for pistol magazines.
  • 150 rounds handgun ammunition. NO remanufactured or reloaded ammunition.
  • 150 rounds rifle ammunition. NO remanufactured or reloaded ammunition.
  • 1 Shotgun slug and 10 00-Buck rounds.
  • Hydration
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Knee pads optional
  • Backup guns highly recommended.
  • Got a ballistic vest & helmet, bring it, wear it so you can see what wearing it all day is like.

This is NOT a competition, this is a skills test, there are no prizes, no atta-boy's or kudos other than the satisfaction that you attended and knowing you can keep up with other operators. Successful attendees still standing at the end of the day will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are in the top 5% of all gun owners. You may fail, you may prevail, but we guarantee you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot!


  • All operators will receive a "Certificate of Attendance" indicating highest stage achieved and total number of kills. Sorry no participation trophy's today!
  • All gear will be checked at the beginning of the session for safety. You can change guns at anytime during the day with Range Officer approval after a safety check of the gun. Failure to notify range officer will result in dismissal. Backup guns are highly recommended.
  • Defensive Strategies, LLC reserves the right to adjust the course of fire based on attendees, skill level, and time. We have 20 stages of fire planned plus a bonus round,
  • Course of fire has 70 potential kills/shots plus a 10 point bonus round, only fatal shots will be logged and scored.
  • Breaks will be taken during the day including a hour lunch.
  • Final drils and stages will be released and sent to all registered participates the week of the event.

Failure to observe the rules of safe firearm handling will result in immediate dismissal from the session. This includes muzzle discipline, trigger finger discipline, flagging anyone or yourself, not using safety on slung rifles, and others as determined by a range officer. If you don't have these basic fundamentals down including working from a holster, you probably should not sign up for this range session.

Instructors / Range Officers / Records

  • Bob Boilard
  • Richard Olson Jr.
  • Jonathan LaBier (Records)

When: April 20th, 2024 / 9AM - Until we finish.
COST: $150

Rain Date: Haha we're Joking of course, there is no rain date. Embrace the suck, buttercup!
Where: Londonderry Fish & Game Club


Force on Force - Reality Based Training

warfareYou asked we listened. Coming soon we will be setting up a 30' x 60' Force on Force area with multiple rooms and scenario's for your next level of training including multiple person scenario's, low light, team tactics and much more. This area will use a combination of Airsoft and/or Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) / Simunitions converted firearms to insure safety on the training field. All players will sign a hold harmless agreement and understand you play at your own risk.

Allowed Firearms:

  • Airsoft Pistols
  • Airsoft Rifles (No full auto's)
  • Airsoft Shotguns
  • Ultimate Training Munitions converted firearms. (Reduce velocity Marker rounds)
  • Simunitions Converted firearms. (Reduce velocity Marker rounds)

*Airsoft guns can be spring, gas or Co2 powered with max velocity of 450ft/sec. All guns will be checked prior to play.
** Rental guns will be available however since this is geared towards civilian ccw training, rentals will be mostly handguns.
*** Pellet guns and BB guns are not to be used on the training field. - Strictly enforced!

Gear needed for Training.

  • Full face and head shield.
  • Neck Shield
  • Protective Vest with groin protection
  • Padded Gloves


Coming Soon. We are currently working out details, scenarios for training, rules, gear etc. Keep checking this page in the next few months as we finalize all the details. Be one of the first signed up when we engage!



This course is designed to prepare armed citizens against the threat of terrorist violence and other active-shooter events.

DTI LogobkCurrent events indicate a steady increase in terror-related attacks against westerners. Violent extremists and other savages are actively targeting LEOs, Military servicemen and women–as well as their families–to be butchered in public. In addition to LE/MIL individuals and families, we see a rise in these types of attacks on virtually any target of opportunity. Even members of their own culture/faith/ideology are martyred for their depraved cause! This trend will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

For that reason, we have seen the need to develop this specialized firearms course with a focus on armed response to these unique dangers in our modern world. Classroom instruction will cover practical options and tactics intended to give individual operators the life-saving mindset and skill sets for prevailing against such attacks.

Live-fire drills will simulate attacks in:

  • Movie theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • other active-shooter scenarios

john for blog11 1This is a combined rifle and pistol course, with heavy emphasis on pistol. Our ARTA Program (Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack) is intended for Operators who have had previous training in the serious use of pistols and rifles.  It is not suitable for beginning students of our Art. In ARTA, we do scenarios, where, for example, the student starts with his pistol, then goes and retrieves his rifle, gets it running, then finishes the drill.  We do a lot of exercises where threats are mixed-in with non-threats.  Long-distance pistols shooting! Students need to bring at least one pistol and a rifle, spare magazines for each (at least one) along with normal safety equipment and concealment gear.  Rifles must have slings suitable for all-day carry.
Pistol: 300 rounds.  Rifle 400 rounds

August 28 & 29, 2021  (2 Days)
Cost: $750.00
Instructor: John S. Farnam

Register at: https://defense-training.com/schedule/

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