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Heartsaver First-Aid, CPR, AED Instructor Course

Thank you for your interest in American Heart Association Heartsaver Instructor Training.  The following information outlines course prerequisites, required skill proficiencies, required course materials (which are not included in the cost of the class session).

Find a CPR CourseCourse Prerequisites

  • Hold a current American Heart Association (AHA)  Heartsaver Adult, Child, Infant CPR and First Aid provider certification card. Certification cards from non-AHA programs will not be accepted. (Student Class is January 29, 2022)
  • Obtain a copy or purchase the AHA Heartsaver Instructor Manual and read through it. https://www.worldpoint.com/curriculum/2020-aha/2020-heartsaver/
  • Fill out the AHA Instructor Candidate Application http://coastalcpr.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Instructor-Application.pdf
  • Exemplary Heartsaver Adult, Child & Infant CPR/AED and First Aid skills (see list of skills below)
  • Ability to pass the Heartsaver CPR, AED and First Aid provider written exam
  • Instructors are required to join the AHA Instructor Network and request alignment with an AHA Training Center. Instructors will have their alignment approved after completing their Instructor Course.

Course Monitoring

Instructors will be required to teach AHA courses meeting all AHA requirements and guidelines. Instructors are required to have their own instructor materials or access to them.

  • Complete course monitoring within 6 months of course completion.
  • Teach a minimum of 4 courses over 2 years.

Required Instructor Course / Teaching Materials

  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED Instructor Manual  (required to complete the pre-course online training)
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED Course Video (DVD or streaming version) 
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED Student Manual 

Required Skill Proficiencies

  • Adult CPR/AED (Heartsaver CPR/AED)
  • Child CPR (Heartsaver CPR/AED)
  • Infant CPR (Heartsaver CPR/AED)
  • Finding the Problem (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Using an Epinephrine Pen (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Stopping Bleeding and Bandaging (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Removing Gloves (Heartsaver First Aid)


January 29, 2022 9AM - 3:00 PM / Cost: $250

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