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03 Dec, 2022
$ 200.00
Defensive Strategies, LLC Instructor: Robert Boilard Intermediate | Beginner

SAFTEA Concealed Carry Course (CCW) (2 Days)

ccwsThe goal of the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division’s Concealed Carry Course is to provide the student with a solid foundation in personal protection and carrying a concealed handgun, knowledge of various types of handguns, ammunition and how it functions, fundamentals of shooting in conventinal and non-conventinal shooting positions, legal aspects of carrying and use of force fundamentals. 

The SAFTD CCW course consist of 11 lessons and is geared to the novice to intermidate students:

  • Lesson 1 Intro of course, history of SAFTD, staff, students
  • Lesson 2 Introduction to Ammunition.
  • Lesson 3 Handguns, Malfunctions and Stoppages.
  • Lesson 4 Situational Alertness and Mind Set
  • Lesson 5 Physiological Reactions and Mental Preparedness
  • Lesson 6 Range Safety and Operations
  • Lesson 7 Defensive Shooting.
  • Lesson 8 Handgun cleaning.
  • Lesson 9 Introduction to holsters, belts, off body carry and EDC gear selection.
  • Lesson 10 Common Shooting Stances and Presentation from the Holster.
  • Lesson 11 Range operations for day 2. (150 to 200 rounds)

NOW INCLUDES 1 hour of New Hampshire & Federal Law and Use of Force.


  • IWB/OWB Strong side holster (no shoulder rigs, pocket holsters, or cross draw holsters allowed)
  • 300 Rounds of Factory ammunition (No reloads or remanufactured ammo allowed)
  • .38 special revolver or larger with 3 autoloaders, OR .380 semiatuto pistol or larger with a minimum of 3 magazines
  • Mag Carrier with 2 mag capacity.
  • Baseball type cap
  • Eye & hearing protection. Amplified muffs highly suggested.
  • Hydration System or bottled water
  • Knee pads highly suggested
  • Cover garment
  • Backup gun is always highly suggested
  • A positive attitude
Event Capacity22

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