womenselfdefenseCourse Description:

This is a general self-defense course; students will learn self-protection techniques, evading techniques, and escape techniques, etc. This course is designed to teach empowerment, so each of the students will have the confidence to protect and to defend themselves. Please be aware that this is a contact class. Physical contact with other students and the instructor will be a common part of this course. This is the first class in a series of four Women's Self-Defense Courses.

Admission Requirements:

  • Must be willing and able to be touched and to touch others.
  • Must be physically and mentally prepared to discuss violence, attacks, rape and must be capable of engaging in techniques that aim to prevent these kinds of attacks.
  • Athletic socks/shoes
  • No jewelry can be worn in class.
  • Please do not wear perfume or cologne in class.

Safety Measures:

Safety is a very important; for this reason, candidates for the course should be physically able to bend, squat, kick, roll and have a reasonable range of motion. Handicapped students may be accommodated; speak to a school representative before enrolling if you need any kind of accommodation.

Self-control is a priority. Unruly or overly aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. You are expected to treat fellow classmates and the instructors with respect at all times. To help prevent injury, no jewelry should be worn during class; this includes but is not limited to watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. or any sharp object that could be caught on clothing or skin. Finger and toenails should be trimmed to prevent injury.

If at any time a student injures another student through lack of control or lack of discipline, that student will not be permitted to participate in the class further. Horseplay will not be tolerated at any time during class. Any violation of this policy will result in the student not being permitted to participate in the class further.

Click Here to Read Our Liability Waiver - All students must sign and understand this waiver. Please ask if you're not sure.


November 16, 2016 6-10PM - COST: $75

Defensive Strategies, LLC
27 Lowell Street, Suite 207
Manchester, NH  03101

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